Ricky May

14th March 2016 - Feb 2018


Ricky saw Bonnie's advert for the MG on the Twin Cam Yahoo group. Having driven from Salem, Virginia in the US to Ontario in Canada, Ricky inspected, negotiated, bought and collected the car and various spare parts on the 14th March 2016. He trailered it back to his collection the same day. A Twin Cam fan and collector, Ricky got the MG running again, did a few jobs and ran it briefly before putting it up for sale. His advert for the car was as follows:

“This Twin Cam was modified by the long time owner to his tastes. Changes include removal of the fender beading and professionally finishing the seams, MkII tail lights and turn signals, no over-rider bumpers, the fit and finish of the panels and paint is very good. No rust and no detectable filler in any of the panels. The engine runs beautifully with great oil pressure and zero heating issues. The engine fan is replaced with a switch operated electric fan and the grille slats have been adjusted and removed as needed for cooling there’s HD8 carbs correctly jetted and tuned and an electronic ignition. The engine exhaust is a header and a single side outlet in front of the left rear wheel. The exhaust note is beautiful and 100% unmistakably twin cam. The gearbox is the 5 speed conversion kit with fully synchro gears including 1st. The front and rear suspension has been converted to tube shocks. The wheels are widened to 5” except for the spare wheel which remains stock width the knock offs are 3 ear just another cool touch. The dash is custom, the competition deluxe seats are showing some age but remain very usable. The owner experimented with a supercharger but then abandoned the idea however the mount remains in front in the radiator duct panel. The car comes with a tonneau cover as the only weather gear. This twin cam was owned by one guy for 55 years. I bought it from his wife and repaired and replaced several small items and have been driving it around Virginia for the last couple months, it’s an absolute blast to drive and everyone who sees or hears it falls in love with it. Ricky 540-580-7528“

John Regis, from Stamford in the UK, was the ultimate buyer in 2018 (along with a red LHD example) as a batch deal from Ricky. Both MGs were shipped back to the UK where he entrusted his good friend Peter at Classic Cars of The Wirral to sell it on his behalf. The images here were all found on the internet and were used by Ricky to market the car for sale in the US. 

Whilst in the US the following jobs were undertaken: 

Lap-belts fitted

Bumper over-riders fitted

Headlamp relay and associated wiring fitted

Roof and sidescreens fitted 

New windscreen fitted (racing screen retained) 

Side exit exhaust removed


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