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'Teamwork' Makes My Dream Work: Nuffield News!

One of the latest additions to my memorabilia collection is a truly unique and fascinating group of rare magazines. Of museum quality - I aquired them from the estate of Peter Burdon. Peter was a journalist working for Nuffield/BMC out of an office in Cowley, Oxford. This collection, in five volumes, contains every edition of 'Teamwork' - the internal Nuffield news magazine.

As well as spanning the launch of the MGA Twin Cam, the content is specific to all the varied car and commercial models they made, featuring articles from territories around the world and the lives and times of those who worked within their group businesses.

According to Peter's son, whom I bought this collection from, his father was right in the midst of the organisation:

"At Cowley he was in close quarters with Alex Issigonis and William Morris. After the last edition of 'Teamwork' he became Assistant Editor for BMC's 'Motoring' magazine. Eventually the great merger happened and everything became British Leyland; at which point my father became Managing Editor for their new 'High Road' magazine. Often meeting with Donald Stokes, Michael Edwardes and ultimately Lofty England when he worked for Jaguar in Browns Lane Coventry. My dad shared an office with Raymond Baxter for a short time when BL was marketing the Metro. I was told Baxter had a neat drinks cabinet inside one of his filing cabinets......"

So, automotive and social history rolled into one. From weddings to world record attempts this collection really has got it all - what a winner!

Many a happy moment to be invested reading about all the individuals and teams that gave Nuffield and BMC its global footprint and unrivalled variety of car and commercial models!

My intention is to donate these items to the British Motor Museum as a unique collection permitting a "behind the scenes" view of the people and products supporting the British motor industry.