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Twin Cam Track Action - The Swinging Sixties!

Plus restoration news of a super rare Q Type.....

James's copy of the August 1966 MG Car Club's SE Centre Bulletin reveals a result from one of Rob's 60's Twin Cam races.

It also referenced his impending MG Q Type rebuild project planned with good friend and MGA Twin Cam Register co-founder, Mike Ellman-Brown.

The event write up in The Bulletin shows Rob entered the MGA Twin Cam into the Edward Lewis Saloon Car Race - qualifying for the Westover Trophy on July 9th 1966:

"Though placed 15th in the race, Rob Davis in his MGA twin cam shared fastest time in practice with John Mears' MGB. Rob, though, is concentrating his energies on restoring a Q-Type to absolute original. The Triple-M boys can't wait."

Sadly the Q Type collaboration was never completed. Mike had bought the remains of the car; I remember dad telling me the original agreement was for him to sort mechanicals with Mike sorting the bodywork. Life and priorities changed and the last time Rob and James saw the mothballed Q Type was a visit to Mike's house in 1988:

Such a shame that project never saw the light of day.....