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1st Owner of @MGAlzheimers: Renato Candido Attilio Fratini

Updated: Feb 11

"Renato Fratini, the first owner of @MGAlzhiemers, is widely acknowledged to have been the greatest artist in his field, a highly successful and pioneering commercial illustrator."

Rob had told James that, when he bought the MG in 1963, it had lived "a very hard life" with the previous "Italian owner." When the car came back from the US the original history folder contained a bonus - the US owner had printed off some screen grabs about this Italian owner.

Intrigued by this, James undertook more research after buying the MG. What snowballed - and to be found on this website - is believed to be the most comprehensive corroborated Renato Fratini biography and gallery archive collection in existence.

The research element involved a significant amount of sleuthing and isolatotion of Fratini "tell-tales" such as how he finishes hands and faces. James believes there are a number of artworks incorrectly attributed to Fratini on the web. In part due to the fact he never signed his work. He drew for comics, magazines, book covers and movie posters throughout his career.

James acknowledges the contribution of a number of sources to the biography and galleries; these provided examples of his and his peers' artworks; greatly helping identify Fratini's varied styles.

To browse the Fratini galleries and full biography click here

"Coincidentally Rob was also a highly creative individual, similar in character in many ways to Renato, his mediums being photography, audio visual and latterly video production for clients across the world. When he retired he had a TV channel on Barbados called "The Visitor Channel."