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Putting the FUN into Fundraising: @MGAlzheimers Classic Car Corner!

It's less than a week since the website went live and the feedback and engagement I've received has been utterly fantastic with two donations made already. Thank you.

The second Alzheimers legacy donation notification came in via JustGiving today and the separate e mail contained a picture and description for me to upload to the MGAlzheimers Classic Car Corner.

Being our first picture, I wanted to share it here to celebrate and pay thanks; this MGA Twin Cam belongs to Marc van Zoest and resides with him in California. He told me:

"YD5/2535 was the last Twin Cam ever assembled in Mexico"

For those that are new to the MGA Twin Cam, the first part of the chassis number decodes the information we need:

Y = Twin Cam

D = Roadster (M denotes a coupe)

1 = RHD Home

2 = RHD Export

3 = LHD Export including North America

5 = RHD CKD Export

Complete Knock Down (CKD) kits were shipped across the world but I never knew they assembled kits in Mexico. What a coincidence that the first owner of my car - Renato Fratini - spent his twilight years in Mexico until he passed away in 1973 - tantalisingly that perhaps he saw (or heard!) 2535 on Mexican roads and it took him straight back to London, to his brand new black Twin Cam roadster that he bought in October 1959: YD1/2497.

It's a real beauty Marc, LOVE that colour! Happy motoring in California (I'm very jealous) and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the @Alzheimers Society and your kind donation of $25.

So, if you are reading this and sadly know someone who is suffering from this evil disease, why don't you share your passion of cars and help make a difference fundraising for others?

"Perhaps you know a dementia sufferer you shares your passion for cars? When we're able to safely, perhaps they would enjoy looking through the galleries on my website or others with you? Amazing what can trigger a memory in a person living with a diagnosis - music, shapes, colours.......I remember presenting dad - at what turned out to be his penultimate Christmas - with a painting of SRX210 at Le Mans. He pointed knowingly, looked into my eyes, smiled and then started crying. That moment will stay with me forever, I hope."

It's SO easy to get involved - just click here, it takes a minute to open my e mail hyperlink, attach your image, write a brief description and hit send - the donation is entirely optional. It doesn't have to be of an MG - as long as it is a classic to you or the person you're submitting for!