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MGA Twin Cam - MG Car Club Race Trophy Haul

An emotional moment for sure when I was gifted Rob's MG trophy haul after he passed away.

Dad had always kept the trophies near himself - even when he emigrated leaving the prizewinning tool behind! Latterly they lived in the garage with the car. Rightly he was super proud of his achievements; likely the trophy near miss memories were as strong - until the time Alzheimers attacked and destroyed him and those memories. I have thus far itemised the trophies. If time and resources permit I would love to track all Rob's MGCC race entries, perhaps Kimber House have the period race cards?

During the early 1960s Rob ran a supercharged MG PB and won the following trophies:

MGCC Brands Hatch 03.62 RE Davis 2.40.6

MGCC Brands Hatch 09.62 Best Performance by a Pre T RE Davis 2.39.4

Type Standard Bodied MG

MGCC Silverstone 1962 High Speed Trial RE Davis 59.17mph

MGCC Silverstone 1963 Jubilee Cup RE Davis

MGCC Silverstone 1963 High Speed Trial RE Davis 62.14mph

MGCC Brands Hatch 03.63 Best Triple M Car RE Davis 2.42.4

South Eastern Centre

Rob bought the Twin Cam on the 31st July 1963 and subsequently won the following trophies:

MGCC 1964 Slalom Blackbushe R Davis Class Award

South Eastern Centre

MGCC Silverstone 1970 R Davis

MGCC Silverstone 1971 RE Davis

BRDC Forward Enterprises 22.10.72

I would love to tie up the period track pictures I have to actual races and cars/drivers entered. The pictures I have of his racing at Thruxton, Brands Hatch and Silverstone having race numbers: 29, 135, 6, 95, 108 and 15.

A copy of the August 1966 MGCC SE Centre Bulletin revealed one of Rob's race results:

Edward Lewis Saloon Car Race, qualifying for the Westover Trophy. July 9th 1966

"Though placed 15th in the race, Rob Davis in his MGA twin cam shared fastest time in practice with John Mears' MGB. Rob, though, is concentrating his energies on restoring a Q-Type to absolute original. The Triple-M boys can't wait."

When I met Mark and Roger Daniel - the very day before I found the MGA Twin Cam back in the UK and for sale - we established that Rob and Peter had in fact raced together in October 1972, the BRDC Forward Enterprises trophies we held being identical!

Having been asked by Mark and Roger Daniel - as well as Neil Burnside - if I would race the car again, I appreciate many of the current cars have had engines overhauled with brand new designed and manufactured parts. As time has gone on I am a little more open minded about the odd hillclimb event......

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