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It's a Mug's Game: #YourLifeInCars

Do you enjoy a lovely cuppa when you're browsing classic car sites? I know I do!

You can imagine my delight when I opened this thoughtful gift at Christmas 2018 from my friend and fellow #petrolhead Elliot Dunn. I've known Elliot for a few years and, like me, found a very special family car in 2018 - his grandfather's 1956 Vauxhall Wyvern - which he was able to buy back and has commenced a full restoration. Please check out his story and follow him on Instagram or visit his website blog to give him a like.

Elliot had previously showcased his yourlifeincars.com customised timeline - of all the cars that he owned - amazing as you simply send them the make/model/colour of your pride and joy cars and hey presto! Little did I know they also produced other bespoke items. What a thoughtful gift.

https://www.yourlifeincars.com/ "Driving Fuel" @MGAlzheimers

Elliot and I took our cars into the 2019 Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Elliot sprung a surprise on his grandparents. He invited them to come and look round the show with him - they had no idea Black Bess was on display. Elliot's grandad had restored the car himself previously - that was his day job before retiring.

"I was lucky enough to film the big reveal, it was a magical and emotional family moment. These old cars have a habit of doing this! Can't wait to go out for a drive in Black Bess when it's back on the road."

If you want to see the video click here (Elliot has done an amazing job editing) or failing that here is the picture capturing that special family moment: