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How does a baby become a full grown petrol head?

With Rob being a professional photographer few pictures exist with him on the other side of the camera. We are well before selfie territory - not sure he would have entirely approved on cellphone photography!

This blog considers father and son combo and celebrates the passion Rob had for all things car related and how he passed this on to his son James in his early years.

James's mum recalled the many times Rob sat James on his knee to flick through a car encyclopedia. In Rob's latter years, James' stepmum gifted him that book - Rob had kept it with him all those years.

At six months of age, following over 3 months spent in Great Ormand Street Hospital, James' mum remembers Rob coaching James to recognise the plates. James' pronunciation was "Woll Woy" and Didi Boo" - can you guess the car makes?

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