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First Lockdown Mission of 2020: Design, Build and Launch a NEW Website!

Updated: Jan 27

Welcome! This car has a special place in my life and heart. My dad owned it for over 50 years until Alzhiemers forced its sale in 2016 to fund his care in Canada. I randomly found it on eBay in 2018, back in the UK.

"My legacy plan is to use the car to raise awareness of dementia and ultimately donate 100% of its sale proceeds to Alzheimers Society. Having a permanent digital record of the car’s history was always part of my legacy plan."

Why digital? In the 1990s I compiled a presentation folder charting this MG’s restoration, sticking photo prints onto pages and stencilling page headers! The folder only contained pictures as dad and I had the stories cemented in our heads. Or so I thought.....

When I was reunited with the MG in August 2018 - at Classic Cars of Wirral - I was presented with that very same history file. I had sold it to the chap who bought the car as it was important to me that the history was kept with the car.

James and the MG reunited after 2 years at Classic Cars of Wirral

Flicking through the history folder again in Peter’s showroom I just started telling the story through the pictures for him and his wife. Peter’s wife became quite emotional......cars have a habit of doing that!

"When I randomly found the MG on eBay in August 2018, dad was being ravaged by Alzheimers. I couldn't share the news, he didn’t even recognise me...."

Soon after I secured the MG it struck me just how special this car was to me and how a stroke of fate, or perhaps destiny, had reunited us. Secondly, and more practically, that all these memories and stories needed recording and tying down to specific photos to ensure they could never be separated and lost.

As a bonus, tucked inside the history file, were some internet screen prints detailing the MG’s first owner. My original work in the 1990s pre-dated the public worldwide web so this was an amazing surprise!

it was great to find out more about the first owner - a genuine voyage of discovery - all dad had said was that the car had been owned by an Italian and had a hard life. This spurred me on to research some more......

In the process of building this new website it turns out I’ve now compiled what I believe to be the most comprehensive biography and archive of Renato Fratini’s life and work. He is widely acknowledged to have been the greatest artist in his field, a highly successful and pioneering commercial illustrator.

It’s a whole new chapter in my memory of @MGAlzheimers and now forms part of its digital history - if you’re interested it can be found here under the “first owner” tab.

Please do leave a comment, let me know what you think of the site and the MG’s story. It means a great deal to know I have your support, together we can raise awareness of Alzheimers and funds for the charity.

Stay Safe

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