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End of The Line MGA Twin Cam: The Ellman-Brown Special

Mike Ellman-Brown and my dad were great friends; racing and touring over many years.

Mike was co-founder of the Twin Cam Group Register within the MG Car Club - which at the time caused much political consternation in the club and BMC.

Upon finding out that Twin Cam production was going to end, Mike spoke with MG's managing director John Thornley and agreed that Mike could special order a Twin Cam - the last ever to be produced by Abingdon. The car was finished in a unique colour - Woodland Green and bore his sister registration to my dad's: JJ88.

When dad and I visited Mike in 1988 he gave me a set of prints that tracked his car on the production line in 1960. Alone they are a great insight into production techniques and are incredibly evocative.

It was sad to see the MG during that visit to Mike's home in 1988. It had not driven for many years and had deteriorated somewhat having been stored in his damp barn:

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