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Day One of MG Ownership - Amazing Drive, Amazing Friends!

I have to say I have been bowled over by the generosity and thoughtfulness of friends (old and new) during my first 2 years of owning the MG. This blog is one of a series I am writing to show my sincere gratitude to friends for some of the most special gifts I have ever received, whether that be their time, gifts, advice or all three! I feel so blessed to have an amazing bunch of friends, happily a bunch that gets bigger as time goes on.

So, finally on 15th August 2018, the Twin Cam arrived from Classic Cars of Wirral. I took the day off and my good friend Rob joined me as we eagerly awaited the transporter. The car arrived on time and we looked on as it was unstrapped, fired up and driven off. The driver was a fellow #petrolhead so we spent a few minutes exchanging car stories before he headed off.

"We were busting to jump so I could have my FIRST EVER drive behind the wheel of the MG."

So, why hadn't I ever driven the MG? Because dad was such an amazing driver I took the view that I had plenty of time to drive the car when it came to me - that was the plan he always spoke of. My time as a passenger with him at the wheel was SO special and precious. Alzheimers had a different plan. It systematically destroyed him and everything he had ever committed to memory. So, when the car was sold by Bonnie in Canada to fund his healthcare, I resigned myself to the fact I would never get behind the wheel.

When I first contacted Peter at Classic Cars of Wirral to tell him the backstory he initially invited me up to drive the car - even if I didn't want to buy it. A proper chap. So I said "yes" on the basis I was actually racking my brain on how to get the monies together to buy it! As it happens when I got there I still didn't drive it - but happily the rest is history.

Check out this video of our first drive on Harborne High Street, Birmingham

Unbeknown to me Rob had been working with our joint friend Stuart to commission a very special keyring. He presented it to me on the day and I don't mind admitting it brought a tear to me eye.

As you will see below the keyring has an engraved MG logo on one side and, on the other, the ownership dates and initials of dad and myself. Simply wonderful. It's solid silver and the quality of laser engraving is spectacular - you will see on the ring element the car's make, model and year are engraved too.

A month or so later I cheekily asked Stuart if he would engrave the MG logo on my new key blank to give it more authenticity. When that came back looking fantastic it was accompanied by another wonderful gift - the tie clip - with MG logos on the bar and on the back, my signature!

Later on, in 2020, after Dan had designed my new logo, Stuart presented me - totally out of the blue - with a beautiful silver enameled badge - with the green enamel colour matched to the car! Yet again simply breathtakingly quality and an amazing gift.

To contact Stuart and talk about any type of commission he can be reached via these social media links: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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