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Confessions of A Collector

I’m just gonna come straight out and say it. I‘ve always loved collecting MG and BMC automobilia. Brochures, press packs, period items, adverts, magazines....you name it, I've wanted to own it. I think it started when I found out as a boy that the MG would ultimately come to me - perhaps this collector bug was a substitute in the meantime?

Either way, the internet became my international shop window. The addiction got worse as, for every new car I bought, I took time to search for press-packs and photos. It was an established pattern, I simply love a car’s supporting history and paperwork!

"When I resigned myself to the fact that the MG was sold and gone, it was with a heavy heart I began to dispose of my spare part and memorabilia collections. I'd rather they went on to find new loving homes with owners and fans of the Twin Cam model."

Fast forward to my finding and buying the MG in 2018 and my passion for collecting automobilia has been re-ignited. One of the first items I bought was a super rare period original MGA Twin Cam launch press photo. Sent to The Daily Telegraph, the photo was stamped received by the paper in June 1958 and embargoed until 14th July. The photographer was PA Reuter of 85 Fleet Street.

This press photo is on the bottom of the top left picture below and is flanked by my copy of the original Nuffield Organisation press release that would have originally accompanied it. You'll also see an original early MG Car Company MGA Twin Cam sales brochure and a copy of the second ever MG Car Club Twin Cam Gazette:

Seeing as that confession felt so good I thought I’d best share another period picture that found its way to me:

The original publicity shot above was taken for the 1958 French Motor Show and featured Belgian actress “starlet” #CatherineCandida. The translation of the label on the reverse is as follows:"One of the highlights of the 1958 auto show: the MGA Twin Cam, a 1600c sports car, capable of driving at 200kmh. The Twin Cam engine is fitted to classic roadster and coupe bodies, costing 1,970,000. Presented by starlet Catherine Candida at the Acclimatization Garden under the indifferent eye of the lions."

Fantastic. These images and captions ultimately capture what I love, they offer a window into social and automotive history with language and imagery that transports you back to that time. What a world it must have been.

Please keep an eye on my blog as there are more confessions I'll need to share!