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British Pathe Film. The Game Changing MGA. Motorsport Heritage.

I don't know if you've seen this film - either way it's time stamped in terms of its format. Post war optimism. The excitement that the launch of the MGA. The performances of the world record breaking and class leading Twin Cam works racers.

And a pinnacle is likely the MGA's Le Mans class winning race entries - today reserved for supercar manufacturers - as well as copious rallies and race series across the globe.

Pathe uniquely captures this moment - in only the way it can - with a distinct, direct, no-nonsense PR infused, plum-in-the-mouth format and style!

One thing is for sure - the MGA was a game changer for MG. Its motor sport heritage and achievements paved the way for 80% of the A series cars being exported across the globe.

The model helped the manufacturer transition from post war to swinging sixties - with the accompanying boom in consumerism - packaging a quintessential, well priced, affordable, fun and enjoyable British sports car.

Let me know what you think of the film!

Click here, sit back and enjoy the Pathe MGA Twin Cam Film

World record breaking supercharge EX181 Twin Cam Engine
EX181 - to this day the fastest ever MG and world record breaker

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