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Breaking News: @MGAlzheimers Book Deal!

I seriously can't begin to thank eveybody that has shown support for the new website and my legacy project for The Alzheimers Society to date. It means so much.

Imagine my surprise then when I recently happened across another - much bigger - fan of Renato Fratini. His name is Tim Smith and he lives in Australia. Tim is researching and collating as many of Fratini's original book covers to include in a book he intends to publish under Seventh Moon Publishing in 2023.....likely over 500 covers! He is in touch with Renato's family and there are exciting opportunities to share stories and add greatly to my legacy journey. HOW exciting!

Excerpt from Tim's website

I reached out to Tim by e-mail and this was his response:

"Just been to your website, wow what an amazing story! You've also done some amazing research there and I love your Fratini originals. I also own two and always love hearing stories of how others came to own theirs. Like you I am a tremendous fan of Renato Fratini and have been for many years now. I own the Flickr channel 'Pulpcrush' and you can find many of the covers that I own here - Fratini was absolutely prolific!"
"At this stage I've collated a database of over 300 books to date, adding records, posters and illustrations to the list everyday. I'd love to get to 400... and then with a kickstarter, potentially 500. That's the dream! Now - I'd love to feature the MG and its story in my book. Would you be open to that? I'd also love some assistance to get more of Fratini's magazine illustrations. Magazines such as Homes & Gardens from early to mid-1960s and other mens magazines are difficult to come by. Some research assistance would be greatly appreciated - something for you to consider, and I'll of course include the car, your message on the website and in the book, too."

If you have any interest in book covers Tim is clearly your man. His Flikr site "Pulpcrush" is where you need to head, I'm looking forward to jumping on and comparing collections! You can see my researched galleries of Fratini artwork on my website by clicking here.

I just love how this story unfolds and how my world is opening up with new contacts, friends and experiences. I look forward to collaborating with Tim and learning more about this amazing artist - Renato Fratini - widely acknowledged to have been the greatest artist in his field, a highly successful and pioneering commercial illustrator and the first owner of my very special MGA Twin Cam: @MGAlzheimers.

Renato Fratini c1970

I'll be sure to keep you posted on progress!

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