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Artistic Licence: The Car's The Star!

Two very special commissions from two very talented artists - and a nod to @MGAlzheimer's first owner - #RenatoFratini - a world renowned commercial artist in his field. To read James' compiled biography and see his galleries of Renato's artwork click here.

"My first artwork commission was to good friend Dan Mercer who is not just an incredibly talented young artist but a completely natural, qualified and experienced falconer."

I was confident challenging Dan to move outside of his comfort zone of mammals and warm-blooded vertebrates - retaining his use of charcoal. I somehow instinctively knew that his first 'still life' of my dad Rob racing at Silverstone in the 1960s would come alive in his hands. The result was stunning! Dan's style magically added speed, depth and atmosphere to a photo that, for track drivers, already proved high levels of energy, commitment and gravity.

As a bonus Dan designed the current logo for my project. His day job is falconry and I predict a fantastic future for him in all his chosen fields.

If you'd like to speak to Dan about a commission or find out more about falconry he can be contacted via #Instagram, #Facebook or Linkedin.

"My second artwork commission was to Ian Cook in 2020. He employs amazing tools and techniques to create his unique art. His work has featured at motorsport events around the world and I met him for the first time at Coventry MotoFest in 2019."

Ian can typically be found working live at most UK classic car motoring events. I first saw his #ContinuousLineDrawing technique - where he puts pen to paper and in one continuous uniterrupted line completes the structure of the work - on Instagram Live. I jumped at the chance. I selected the earliest picture of dad Rob racing at #Silverstone. After just half an hour Ian had produced this beautiful picture - yet another amazing original piece of artwork to add to this story.

If you'd like to speak Ian about a commission he can be contacted via his website, #Instagram or #Facebook

I've some more commissions planned for the MG in 2021, it is great to add to the legacy story and certainly helps in my ultimate mission to raise awareness and funds for The Alzheimers Society

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