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A Life and Soul of this MG Party

In the course of researching dad's 1960s and 1970s MG racing results I managed to secure a rare collection of 1960s MG Car Club Bulletins. As well as detailing race meets they also covered occasional club happenings. So, imagine my shock seeing dad's name as author of an article on social shenanigans!

For the record, it turns out dad scribed a summary of the MG Car Club 1967 South East Centre's christmas knees up. Ironically it was held at the Kensington Palace Hotel in London, round the corner from Renato Fratini's home - he being the MGA Twin Cam's first owner! Later in his career dad went on to write dozens and dozens of scripts and was highly creative in his field of work.

Aged just 27, when he wrote this car club article, he had owned our MGA Twin Cam for 4 years. No-one could have imagined or known that - half a century later - his ownership chapter would come to an end for the reasons it did.

But, back to the party. Dad was always a social animal. People gravitated to him and his fund loving personality and sense of humour. This club article details "pre-dinner drinks under the belt" and "suitably quantities of wine" then more "Bacchic juices" followed by "jugs of ale or was it champagne?" Clearly this was far from being a dry do!

Throughout the article dad's gentlemanly nature shines through. I'm confident he brought his own unique energy to the event as he did the club race meets and the paddock. If nothing else, it serves as proof of his healthy engagement with the club and its members - as well as the bar!

My favourite excerpt relates to the after dinner cabaret entertainment. In my head I can see and hear dad recounting it with great gusto:

"Not only did he do his darndest to set himself alight but, as a finale, blew a mouthful of lighted paraffin the entire length of the ballroom. It was, to say the least, quite a performance."

I think we can confidently say modern health and safety society would prohibit such high octane floor shows now!

Like father, like son. Love you dad. This legacy mission is for you and everyone touched by this evil disease.