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2020 Running Fundraiser Total for @MGAlzheimers Legacy Project

For those of you that have seen my MG at various UK shows, you will have seen the handouts and literature relating to the Alzheimers Society on the car - free for all to grab. I also have collection tins on the car - with pin badges and trolley tokens in return for a small donation.

2020 was a year of no shows for the MG, albeit project sponsor MG Main Dealer Summit Garage Dudley donated a very generous £300 to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

Above, John and Nick Newey, directors at Summit Garage, handing over their generous charity donation!

A recent addition - for future shows - is my old school peg board. This enables me to shout more loudly about our running totals. SO.....drum roll.....how much have we raised to the end of 2020?

The answer:

For those of you that don't already know the MG will ultimately be sold and ALL sale proceeds will be donated to the #AlzheimersSociety through their #LegacyScheme - a gift in my will.

"In 2019 I became an Ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society. I speak at events and contribute to communication channels in order to promote them and their fundraising activities. In terms of bequeathing money to the charity in your will no-one ultimately likes to talk about death - in reality it is a practical matter."

If you can spare a donation the charity today I would be so very grateful to you. It's simple to do here on my JustGiving site