Father and Son: Rob and James Davis

Rob's Legacy.......


Included here are James' pictures of Rob's cars in and around his family. 

It's a small world - IF the current owners of either Rob's Rolls Royce 20/25 (registration DLF731 chassis unknown) or MGB GT V8 (registration SWC125M chassis GD2D1-314G) would like the original documents currently held by James - get in touch via e mail!

An amazing source of Rob's car journey is the actual letter he wrote in 1988 to the MG Car Club: 

Dear sirs,

My son James wrote to you in June informing you of my MGA Twin Cam which I have here in Barbados. It would seem you kindly forwarded the letter to Nick Cox of the Twin Cam Group, who telephoned him soon afterwards. I am writing to Nick separately on this occasion.

I originally joined the MG Car Club back in 1958 when I had a D Type Midget. In those days I had no idea how rare they were and I made considerable alterations to the body and mechanicals. It finished up looking like a J2 special, but I remember it went very well and handled like a true thoroughbred.

There followed a PB which I supercharged and raced between 1960 and about 1964. If I remember correctly the fastest lap around Silverstone was 120 dead. That was in the days of Mel Jones and his J4 replica. During the PB era I had two 1500 MGA's and then the beloved Twin Cam was bought in 1962 from an Italian named Renato Fratini. It had not been treated well but it was sound and went like the clappers! A very dated expression, but that is how cars went in those days.

I raced the Twin Cam on and off in the MG Car Club events until 1976 (I think) and it usually gave a good account of itself. During this period I owned an MGB GT - rather slow but practical, a couple of 1275 Cooper S's - enormous fun, an MGC - great cruising car and transformed with XAS tyres, and finally a V8 - fabulous, wish I still had it. I remember one joyous occasion continually baffling a Dino driver up to about 80mph. We stayed in close station on a long journey to the West Country.

I moved to Barbados in 1980 and last year shipped the Twin Cam over. Since then the car has been down to the last nut and bolt and it now on its'way back together. I cannot wait to drive it again. Incidently having not run for six years, the batteries somehow survived and after some work on the brakes and electrics, I had a great run to Liverpool, seeing 6,600rpm in top on the last stretch of Motorway.

I hope I haven't bored you to death, but if you are still with me, I should like to rejoin the Club. The strange thing is that according to my UK bank account I still pay a bankers order into an MG Car Club account, but whether of not it is the same one as you use, I could not tell you. Anyway please send me the necessary forms, which I shall duly fill in and return as soon as possible.


Yours octagonally,