MGAlzheimers: My Legacy Mission

By James Davis


Do You Believe in Fate and Destiny?

My dad bought this MGA Twin Cam in 1964 and, over the course of the next 53 years, committedly drove it on both road and track across the world from the UK to Barbados to Canada. The MG has always featured in my life - and dad had destined it would come to me - until it had to be sold in Canada during 2016 to fund his Alzheimers healthcare. In August 2018 I was randomly searching  eBay for "classic cars" and found the MG was back in the UK and for sale on a timed auction......with bids on! ​

Alzheimers is a truly wicked disease. It robbed my dad of his memories, his creativity, his driving licence, his family, his soul and, ultimately in 2019, his life. ​Whilst I am the MG’s custodian I'm using it to raise awareness and money for Alzheimers. When my time with the car ends I am auctioning it off and bequeathing ALL sale proceeds to the Alzheimers Society. Hopefully I’ll be there to see it sell, meet the new owner and hand over the charity cheque. If not I’ve left instruction as a legacy gift to the charity in my will. 

In this way I'm aiming to create a legacy in his memory, to give something back, to make him proud - as well as help future sufferers and their families cope with this cruel disease. Dementia is the biggest killer in the UK with one person diagnosed every 3 minutes. 

I have created this website with the aim of digitally storing all the special memories associated with this very special car. It’s my intention that the site can be passed onto subsequent owners so that the car’s history is never lost and kept safe.​ ​Please get involved and support my legacy project so we can add to our chapter of the story whilst raising awareness and funds for Alzheimers. It is ultimately a disease so a cure is out there.....

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